Enhance Your Smile And Your Appearance With Expert Botox & Dermal Filler Treatment

Wexford Dental Arts is proud to offer Botox™ and Dermal Fillers for therapeutic and cosmetic needs. Botox™ is an FDA-approved purified protein neurotoxin that can alleviate chronic pain, TMJ symptoms, migraines, and tension headaches. Botox™ alone or combined with Dermal fillers can rejuvenate overall facial appearance by  decreasing wrinkles. Our doctors have received advanced training in order to provide this very important service.
Through the years we have become more and more concerned about a patient’s overall health and facial aesthetics, as training became available and the safety of these injections became evident,  it became obvious that we needed to offer this to our patients. What many people don’t know is that dentists perform more injections in the oral areas than any other medical profession and therefore we have extensive knowledge in this area. 

The use of Botox™ and dermal filler to improve overall appearance of the smile and renew the entire face requires extensive knowledge of the facial muscles and how they interact. Dentists are trained well in anatomy and perform these procedures at a high level of safety and efficacy. Botox™ injections offer a quick anti-aging solution with minimal discomfort. Botox™ is an FDA-approved purified protein that temporarily blocks signals to the muscles to reduce wrinkles. When done properly there is no “frozen-face” result. Dermal fillers work to replace lost facial volume and decreased production of collagen. They return the facial anatomy to a more youthful appearance and enhance natural beauty. This is a minimally-invasive procedure with immediate results that also stimulates one’s own collagen production.


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